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Who I am? 

My daughter was born in 1999.  As a 32-week preemie born with many medical challenges, the hospital’s NICU and PICU was her home, and ours, for the first seven months of her life.  Medical visits, procedures, therapies, and interventions are commonplace in our life.  This may not be a normal lifestyle for many, but it became and is our “normal”.  My husband and I were unexpectedly faced with a unique set of challenges, which most parents of newborns are not.

​While living this new normal, "the special needs world", my daughter has taught me more about hope, persistence, strength, and love than I could ever have thought possible.

There's a saying, "Everything happens for a reason." Whenever I hear these words I find myself thinking, "my daughter was sent to us for a reason, to teach us something, but darn if I know what it is.”  She has endured so many surgeries, interventions and hospitalizations since her birth, so the reason had better be good!  Fast-forward to today and I have my answer ~ or at least one answer.  My journey with my daughter was instrumental in deciding to receive training and become certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I told my daughter that I was training to be a Health Coach because I want to help other moms be happy and healthy.  Sometimes moms are so busy taking care of others that they forget that they need to take care of themselves!  So I asked her to come up with a name for my practice.  She said, “How about go with the flow?”  Well as soon as she uttered those words, it was a done deal!

Are you asking why I thought this was a perfect choice?  Well I've always looked at it this way, we all face challenges in our life. Whether it's temporary or long-term, the stress of being a caregiver, particularly for your child, can negatively affect your health, marriage, and relationships.  You can let your circumstances control your life, or you can take control.  To be in control there is only one thing to do … accept that life is what it is and decide to live your life to the fullest in spite of those challenges. Find a way to make your new lifestyle work. That's the path I've chosen.

In other words, I decided to …
Go With The Flow.

If you would like me to share more about my journey with you and help you along yours, let's talk!  I'll be with you all the way!