​​​"It was physically and emotionally quite an AHA moment to realize that all of us in this class consider ourselves emotional eaters at various times. I have been an emotional eater for the past 40 plus years. I now know how to recognize the types of situations that act as triggers for me. A great class!"
~ PS of Norton

Kind Words Shared

​​​​​Sue was warm and welcoming, made sure we knew this was a safe space, and met all of us where we were. She shared real, relatable stories from her life, and really listened as we each shared our backstories. It was interesting to hear that most participants said the same thing...we know the "right" thing to do, but sometimes it's hard to follow through on it. Sue gave us some tools and techniques to manage these situations as they arise. It was a great class and I'd recommend it to anyone who has ever "eaten their feelings" (so, everyone).~ AH from RI

​​​The class provided a solid introduction into identifying connections between our eating habits and our emotions. The session was very informative, relaxing, and for me, provided "time" to look inward and reflect on why I tend to eat more in the evenings (although not always hungry). Supporting handouts/worksheets were helpful in providing resource information for identifying "emotions" that could trigger unhealthy eating habits. The session was well guided, allowing me to think, reflect and identify connections between my emotional and eating habits. I enjoyed it! ~ CW from MA

If it’s not about the Food … What’s it about?  
Do you ever feel like eating but you're not hungry and you don't know why?  Do you start binging on food and can't stop?  Do any of these actions leave you feeling bad about yourself?  If so, you're not alone. Taking the first step toward healing your relationship with food is the most important step you can take. It may also be the most challenging.  This class series will give you the opportunity to learn about theFood~Mood Connection. You'll discover how ... Emotions, Behavior, Mindset... are connected.  A new class will be offered each month and will be presented Live via Zoom. I provide a safe space and a small group setting. Members will have access to a Private Facebook Group where sharing and supporting can continue. 

Let’s Go with The Flow ~Together.