I opened my doors and  began offering "Creating Perfect Moments" classes at Go With The Flow Wellness in 2017.  Classes and workshops, presented by some amazing women, were scheduled with one goal in mind.  Will this class provide  a "Perfect Moment?" I need to be assured that when those who joined us reflect on their experience, when they see what they created, when they remember and use the wellness tools that they've learned ... will they smile?  Will they recall a happy memory?  Will they experience a perfect moment in what may have been a very tiring day?  If the answer is yes ... the class was offered.  We created many "Perfect Moments" in person, now we're bringing the "Perfect Moments" to you.  As I develop this site I'll share past "Perfect Memories" and most important ... I look forward to creating many more ... with "you."

New and Exciting Updates to this Website are Coming ... Stay Tuned!

Meet Sue

What are "Perfect Moments?"

I'm so happy you're here and welcome the opportunity to introduce myself.  I'm a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and Owner of “Go With The Flow Wellness.”  My educational experience includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Bryant University and two Certificates of Training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In addition to my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I successfully completed the Emotional Eating Psychology Course in June 2021. My most valuable education and experience has been in navigating the world of special needs while balancing my daughter’s care, family life, and personal enrichment.  I look forward to sharing more about my life and journey, and most important, I look forward to hearing about yours.  I'm in the process of updating this website so be sure to return and we can "Go with the flow ~ together."