Why a health coach?

Health Coaches provide ongoing support and guidance in all areas of your life, as you set goals and make changes that will improve your health and happiness.

‚ÄčAs your Health Coach, I will support you to make positive changes and reach your goals.  I'm familiar with your unique lifestyle challenges because I speak from personal experience so I can offer recommendations that are practical.  The goals you set will be your goals, not mine, not your family's.  They will be your goals because this is about you.  My job is to help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching them.  If you have the intention to reach them ... you will. 

I work with all women, but particularly women who are Caregivers for Children with Special Needs or Children with Chronic Medical Conditions ...

Are you ready to?

Engage in activities you enjoy?  Create the life you want and deserve?  Find time for yourself in unexpected places?

Spend quality time with your spouse, partner?  Reconnect with family and friends?

Eat healthy when you have "no" time and while always on the go ... traveling between home ~ school ~ medical appointments?  Learn how to let food be your medicine?

Get moving in ways that you enjoy ~ increase your energy levels, feel great in your body?

What's sleep?  Learn ways to repair your sleep deprived body?

Find a passion or develop a new one?

Kick the could have, would have, should have mentality to the curb?

Get organized ~ medical records, supplies, prescriptions, appointments?

Communicate effectively with your child's medical team, educators and support staff?

Prepare for the expected hospital stay and be ready for that emergency hospital stay?  Build your personal Hospital Survival Kit?

Finally take that family vacation?  Medical supplies and all!

If you are ready, it is possible, and I'm here to help you.